How to arive at Bilbao

Bilbao is the most well connected city in the north of Spain. Bilbao Airport is the most important airport in the area, and there are direct flights to main cities in Spain and also many in Europe. Important companies such as Iberia, Lufthansa, Air France or British Airways run frequent flights to and from Bilbao, any part of the world is reachable by plane from Bilbao. There are also some low cost airlines, such as Easy Jet y Ryan Air

The airport is only 15 Km from Bilbao city centre or 25 km from EIDE. It takes only 10 minutes by car to Bilbao or 20 to EIDE by car. There is a bus that goes every 30 minutes from Bilbao city centre, and taxis that cost between €20 and €40.

Another good option is Santander airport, about 90 km away and very well connected by bus with Bilbao. Ryan Air operates from this airport.

Bilbao and its area

Modern architecture, medieval towns, fishing villages, mining villages, one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe with a  multitude of cliffs, not to mention a stunning green landscape. This is some of what Bilbao and the surrounding area has to offer.


A cosmopolitan city that combines modern architecture and tradition


Santurtzi, Bilbao and Getxo, towns of Greater Bilbao by the seaside.


Castro Urdiales and Kobaron, a walk by the seaside trough the history of the mines of Biscay


Gernika, where the history of Biscay began, and the impressive coastline


The Land of wine, but also of beautiful walled-towns and delicious food