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Learn Spanish in small groups with excellent teachers and discover an amazing land.


2 academic years to achieve an Official Diploma issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education.


17 Classrooms in 2000 m2
Interactive Whiteboards
Computer Room
Professional Kitchen
Coffee Room


Eide, Language, Tourism and Hospitality Management School since 1976

EIDE is a private institution whose goal is to develop all kind of Language Courses as well as Higher Vocational Qualifications in Hospitality Management and Tourism.

“Quality, Experience and Personal Attention”

  • Quality: Our quality and professionalism have been recognized by such institutions as the University of Cambridge and the Instituto Cervantes, as well as different National and European Organizations.
  • Experience: EIDE is, above all, synonymous for teaching and has trained more than 14000 students since its foundation, in 1976.
  • Personal Attention: Even though we are a medium size school, we always try to offer our students personal attention. Our staff and our teachers are accessible and warm, they try to help them in every possible way.

EIDE, Language School

Language teaching was its main activity when it opened its doors in 1976 and languages have became a pillar around which new teaching specialities have been added, like Hotel Management and Tourism. We offer English, Spanish, German, French and Japanse courses. We are the most important English school in the area of the Greater Bilbao and the only center accredited by Cambridge English. We offer German, French, Japanese and Spanish Courses.

EIDE, Spanish School
Our philosophy: "Experience, Quality and Personalized Advice".

This is the philosophy of our school applied in all areas, including the Spanish School. We are an educational institution and therefore the quality of the courses is our priority: Above all, we want our students to learn. Our Spanish courses are serious, the teachers have a degree in languages and they are all native speakers. Groups are small, so that we can adapt the content and rhythm of the course to the students’ needs.
The personalized service is another feature of our school. We are a medium school in terms of number of courses and students size, but we are still a small school if we talk about the relationship with our students. We are very warm and welcoming, especially with our students of Spanish language.
Our host families are also one of our prides. These are families are very open-minded and love meeting people from other countries and sharing experiences. The student will be considered one member of the family and treated so.
Our Spanish Courses

The goal of our courses is to teach people to communicate in Spanish in real world situations. With this goal in mind, our classes focus on the basic skills: speaking and spoken interaction, listening comprehension, reading and writing.
All our teachers are native speakers; they have a university degree in languages and are very experienced in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
“…highly qualified teachers, who have studied abroad, who speak other languages and who are very open to other cultures. They can understand the point of view of their students; they always find a way to explain the inexplicable” Xana Farpón. Spanish Teacher at EIDE. BA in Languages by the University of Deusto and MA in Lingüistics by Ohio State University.
In order to maintain the quality of our teaching and the personal attention we pay to our students, the groups have a maximum of 6 students.
Types of Spanish Courses

    Intensive Spanish Courses: 20 lessons per week.
    DELE Preparation Courses: 4 weeks, 20 lessons per week
    Spanish Summer Camp: Spanish lessons, activities and home stay

EIDE Hospitality School

EIDE´s effort to train highly qualified professionals in the area of Tourism and Hospitality Management is shown in the excellent careers and acknowledgment of its students. Most of its success is due to our teaching system, which combines the professional qualification, an international vocation and language learning.
Higher Studies in Hospitality Management: Official Degree for an Exciting Career

This course is aimed at those who want to become professionals in the hospitality and travel industry; students with a communicative profile, who are fond of working with people, travelling and learning new cultures.
Oportunities and Careers

We prepare our students for a rewarding career in all kina of Hospitality and Travel Organizations: Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism, Events Management, Conventions and Congresses, Health and Wellness, Leisure and Entertainment…
The program is designed to train its graduates for middle management positions.

“Higher Technician in Hospitalito Management”. Oficial Diploma issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
Course Programme

The course lasts 2 academic years, including 3-month-internship in hotels, or 120 ECTS credits. See the course programme.
Admission Requirements

Bachillerato, COU, FPII, A levels, High School Certificate, Baccaulareat, Abitur or the equivalent Secondary Education Certificate in each country.
Access to University and ECTS Credits

Students graduating in this course have direct access to Spanish Universities. They are also eligible for credit transfer (with a maximum 60 ECTS) for the following degrees: Tourism, Business Administration or Economics. (RD. 1686/2007 de 14 Dic. BOE 15/01/08).
EIDE-Where are we?

EIDE is located in the city centre of Santurtzi, a fishing town on the northern edge of the Metropolitan Area of Bilbao. There is a good range of shops and many excellent cafes and restaurants, some with splendid views of the old and new harbours. Santurtzi has an excellent sport centre with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, for sports such as tennis, football, jogging, swimming….

The town´s location is also excellent, because of its proximity to the centre of Bilbao, the beaches an the mountains.
Bilbao is a cosmopolitan and modern city, which is a result of a transformation where the Guggenheim museum is one of the most important ingredients. At the same time it is rooted in the habits and traditions of the Basque people, a fact that can be noticed in the charming old town, which is still the heart of the city. Visitors will enjoy its gastronomy, considered highly prestigious both nationally and internationally, as well as night life in several bars for all colours and tastes

The Basque Country is a land of Wide plains, mountains massifs with magnificent routes, green woods, great cliffs, rich marshes and relaxing beaches. Nature lovers have a lot to discover. Its uneven landscapes´ diversity and beauty is evident not only in the established natural parks, but in most part of the territory. And let us not forget all kind of mountain and adventure sports and activities that can be practiced, such as climbing, mountain biking, hiking or canyoning.…

The Cantabrian Shore is said to be one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. It encompasses multiple cliffs, unspoilt beaches and little fishing villages. What makes it even more attractive is the possibility of practising all kinds of sports. Biscay´s coastline offers waves and slat air to go sailing, surfing and swimming.