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The Greater Bilbao: Santurtzi, Portugalete, Getxo

Fishing port, beautiful walks and world heritage suspension bridge

Bilbao is part of the Greater Bilbao, a conurbanation of 8 municipalities on both sides of the Estuary of river Nervion, of which Bilbao is the Capital city. Even though they are 8 municipalities, the visitor has the feeling that it is the same city, as they are one next to the other in a very small area (14 km from one side to the other).Santurtzi, where EIDE is located, Portugalete and Getxo are the most attractive areas of the Greater Bilbao: Santurtzi and Getxo are at the edge of the estuary and by the sea; Portugalete is the town where the famous transporter bridge is located (the world-heritage “Puente Colgante”).

Santurtzi or Santurce (on the left) used to be a fishing town, and is famous in Spanish speaking countries for the song “Desde Santurce a Bilbao” about a “Sardinera” (a lady selling sardines) that walks to Bilbao everyday by the riverside, selling sardines. Nowadays there are not that many fishermen, but Santurtzi still has the beautiful fishing port. Just by this fishing port, there is a brand new Marina. The most attractive part of Santurce is the walk from the fishing port (on the picture below) to Portugalete, with beautiful views of the sea, the estuary, Getxo and the “Puente Colgante”.
Portugalete’s old town is a medieval town (picture below), where the Basilica of Santamaria can be found. It is warrants a visit, as well as the famous Biscay Hanging Bridge (Puente Colgante, see picture below). The bridge is worth visiting, not only for the construction itself, but also for the views from the top: the most astonishing views in the areas, at 62-metres high (see picture above).
Getxo  is a residential area on the other side of the river. The promenade from the Hanging Bridge to the Old Port of Algorta (picture below on the right) is one of the most recommended areas to visit. This promenade passes by the Getxo Marina, the Ereaga Beach and leads to the old port, a perfect place for a wine, a beer or a pintxo. The beach of Arrigunaga (picture below, on the left) is also one of the other attractive spots in Getxo